Discerning the Leading of the Holy Spirit

If you love Me, keep My commandments.  And I will pray to the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that may abide with you forever –   John 14:15-16

My life was forever changed when I heard from the Holy Spirit.  It was during a very difficult time in my marriage when I heard from the Lord.  He gently asked me to stay with my husband.  Shortly after that he spoke to my husband and I that we would have a third child, he would be a son and we would name him Matthew Timothy.  Within a month I was pregnant with my third child and gave birth to him on my birthday.  At the time, I had not even thought about what his name meant, but God being full of all wisdom knew.  Several years later I looked up the meaning of the name and I found out the name Matthew meant “gift from God” and Timothy meant “fear of God.”  God desires for us to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Had I disregarded Him at his word, then the wonderful blessing of our third son would not have ever happened.

God has lead me in many ways.  If we are obedient to listen and obey, we will be lead in a way that will be a blessing to many and we will truly see the will of God in our lives.  I cannot count how many times, I was lead to do things from speaking to others, sharing a word in season, hearing a word of knowledge or wisdom or praying for those in need for healing.  God has done mighty things, but we have to be willing to submit to His Lordship.

Here are some ways that God may speak to us:

  1.  He speaks to us through His word.  His word gives us instruction, discernment and cleanses our mind so that we may hear clearer from the Lord.
  2. He speaks to us in a small gentle voice.  The Lord still speaks to us in our hearts.  You will clearly hear directions sometimes of what to do.
  3. Sometimes he gives a short or brief word or description with not a clear explanation, so that the person you are to minister to provides you with the additional knowledge.
  4. He gives you a vision or dream.  A vision of what can happen in the future or a dream.  Some require asking the Lord for interpretation. However, some visions are very clear and concise.
  5. He gives us an unction to do something.  It’s like an intuition that we need to go to a certain place, direction, flee or do a certain thing.

Part of what is required to hear from the Lord is obedience and sanctification.  Why are these important?  If we don’t want to be obedient to God, we will resist the Holy Spirit and eventually be unable to hear from Him.  God will not violate our will either.  He wants all that we do to be done out of love and gratefulness for how good he is to us.  Sanctification is the process of being set apart for God.  God requires for us to be set apart for the ability to discern the His voice.  If we have one foot in the world and the other with Him, we will not really be able to discern truly what His will is for our lives and could be led into deception and follow another spirit.  Jesus, Peter and Paul warns us through the new testament that we need to be careful not to be deceived.

My prayer for all of you today is that you truly would be obedient and sanctified by God so that you may clearly discern and hear his voice.

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