Obedience Always Brings Blessings

But He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”  Luke 11:28

Who wouldn’t want to be blessed.  We want to know that we are loved by God and want to see His provision, blessings and favor in our lives.  The question is are we willing to do what He wants us to do.  Are we really willing to believe Him at his word and what He calls us to do.  Truly you can see what you believe when things don’t work out the way you planned on it.  When things go awry in our lives, our heart will reveal what is truly what we believe and where our hope, faith and trust is in.  Are we more moved by our circumstances and feelings rather than the word of God. Are we willing to believe what we are experiencing at the moment or are we willing to lay down our lives submitted to God believing his plan for our lives is far better than the one we plan for ourselves.  The closer I walk with the Lord, the more I realize that his plans and ways are far greater than what my plans are.  As I lean into following Him in obedience and believing Him at his word and desiring to commit and surrender myself to Him, I see His blessings at a greater measure.  It is interesting to see in the last 18 years in my relationship with Him how it has grown from the things of the world that I desire to the love, joy, peace an righteousness that He gives me.  It truly is more satisfying to be content with all that He has given you, than to have everything in this world and be discontented and unhappy.  If you truly want to see the blessing of God be obedient.  As He calls you deeper obey Him and obey His word, his lead and promptings.  His word holds the many promises needed to receive all that He has for you.  It provides you with truth to set you free, it gives you abundant life and promises of what He has completed for you to live in all the fullness He has for you today and always.  It is my prayer that you would truly find the blessing through obedience.


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