Walking by Faith, Not by Feelings

“Therefore. The promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace to all Abraham’s offspring-“‘

Romans 4:16

Walking by faith is not how we feel for the day.  Many times we can get into our feelings.  We may be feeling God is not there for me or that we are unloved and no one cares about me.  We may be feeling rejected, hurt or angry. When we get into how we feel about a ourselves or a situation rather than by walking in faith, we could end up in emotional turmoil.  Our day is based upon our feelings rather than an act of our will believing in the truths that God has promised us.

The enemy wants us to be focused on ourselves and our feelings.  I am not saying that if you have been hurt or are in pain you should ignore it.  What I am saying is that your feelings should not rule your day.  We can choose where we spend our time in our thoughts.  We can make a decision as an act of our will to choose to have a good day despite the start.   We can still choose to love others even though we have been hurt by them.  We can choose to bless rather than to curse others.

Many times when people have been hurt, their boundaries have been violated.  When we have been injured by others, we begin to be led by our feelings rather than by our will.  These traumatic and stressful experiences begin to trigger our response from how others treat us rather than being able to act by the will of God.  Our expectation of others causes the injury because we expected them to act a certain way when in fact they may not be capable of it.  Although this may seem practical, expectations of man can lead to great disappointment.  We are told that man will always fail us.  So we need to shift our hope and trust from man to God.

When we begin to put our faith and trust in God in a situation, we can begin to share the hurt and pain with him and ask him to heal us from the emotional pain and hurt feelings.  The Holy Spirit is there for us to comfort us in our time of need.  If we need healing, then we need to turn to God and ask for the comforting of the Holy Spirit.   When the healing process begins, then we can begin to see things the way God intended us to see things.  We see that all of us have a need for God and that we all have weaknesses and fail in life.  This gives us the ability then to begin to extend grace to others because we begin to remove our expectations from them to the promises of God.

God has a promise and sure word for every situation in your life.  If your spouse or child needs salvation, he has promises for household salvation.  If you have a need for finances, he has promises for you that he will take care of your needs according to his riches and glory.  If you need healing, he has promises that by his stripes you are healed.  If you need love, he demonstrated his love by sending his one and only son to die for you.  If you need someone to be there for you, he is and confirms it by telling us he will never leave us or forsake us.  He is “I AM”, which means he is the “I am” what you have need of at this moment.

This comes by faith and believing that God honors his word and his promises.  Faith is an action that comes by hearing the word of God and allowing it to penetrate your heart and your mind until it comes to fruition into your heart as truth.  God desires that you know the truth, so the truth will set you free.  He desires that you come to know him by who he is rather than by how you feel.   Feelings are fickle.  Feelings change daily.  God desires today that you come into faith so that you may see the fulfillment of his promises.

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